Wheels are Turning

Before I start dismantling the Tesla and transferring parts to the Stretched Vanagon, I want to insure that all the Model S systems are working correctly. The condition of the battery, being the most expensive component in the car, has been of great concern to me. I wasn’t expecting much difficulty in getting it to wake up, charge and drive but things are often not as I expect. The Tesla is very new, and so far there is precious little public diagnostic information. The simple fact that a pyrotechnic disconnect on the 12V battery controls power to the contactors for the main traction pack was unknown to me, though in retrospect it makes perfect sense. I do appreciate the fact that doing things the hard way often entails more learning, and I’m certainly learning many obscure details about the Model S! It’s a good thing I enjoy learning about this sort of thing.

For this update I tried my hand at making a video blog entry, partially since so many people on Youtube were lacking context for my earlier time lapse videos and also to learn to use some new media tools. So here is the update:

15 thoughts on “Wheels are Turning

  1. Great video entry. Great to see your progress so far – way to go.

    I’m curious, do you have any sort of visual on what your van/tesla will look like when it is done?

  2. Awesome! Surprised the wheels don’t stop turning from the regen. I wonder if the throttle position is off a bit and still trying to turn the motor even when you’re off the pedal?

  3. Big wheels keep on turning! Charging the pack! Fantastic milestones. And thank you for taking the time to put together the video. I look forward to the next!

  4. Very professional! Be prepared to get phone call from TV producers soon. I see the new TV show now: “Pimp up my Stretch”!

  5. Congratulations! Great to know that the first (and second) big feasibility tests have passed! Hope that the riskiest part is now behind you. Great video!

  6. Congrats! And quite impressing how it seems the complete drive train and electrics still work on the Model S after that crash. That sure is a tough car.

  7. can you tell us more about the battery? How many connections does it have, and what are the for?

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