“If at first an idea isn’t absurd, there’s no hope for it.”

-Albert Einstein


This blog is for the TesFalia (formerly Stretchla) project. The TesFalia is all about Supercharged camping in a battery electric vehicle.

Once you get used to driving an EV (electric vehicle,) it’s really hard to go back. The noise, vibration, low power and environmental impact of fossil fuels feels so last century.

I’ve been driving EV’s around town for decades. 95% or more of my trips yet only about 20% of my miles have been driven in my EV. Most of the remaining miles were traversed in my VW camper. I stretched a Vanagon in 1998 for the extra space and the fun of it, I would have loved to make it electric then but I couldn’t see a way to make it work. At the start of this blog I was planning to Teslify it, but the rust issues felt overwhelming and it’s now out to pasture. Now I’ve pivoted to a standard Vanagon Multivan instead, it’s about time to camp on pure electric power! In 2012 Tesla announced the Supercharger network, this game changing technology, which is currently only available to Tesla owners, enables never before possible long distance travel in an EV. Since the Tesla is a bit small for my camping needs I’ve bought a damaged Model S and intend to swap the guts into the Vanagon. I’m calling it TesFalia to represent the mix of Tesla and Westfalia.  This blog is here to share the adventures of the transmogrification and travels in the TesFalia, I hope you enjoy the ride.


Photo © Gwendolyn Wyard

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